Novoflex KOPF2-PRO – Modular Geared Head

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  • High-Precision Geared Head: Ideal for architectural, studio, macro, repro, and astro photography, enabling precise, independent adjustments on all three axes.
  • Dual Adjustment Mechanism: Rough adjustments made with clamping levers, followed by fine-tuning via adjusting screws, for exact positioning.
  • Self-Locking Fine Drive: Protects against unintended movements, ensuring stability for heavy camera setups.
  • CAST-FINE-K Fine Adjustment Handles: Two included handles allow for ultra-precise angular adjustments, essential for detailed photography.
  • Adjustable Angle Scales: Facilitate accurate reproduction of specific angles or distances, critical for consistent results across shoots.
  • Built-In Spirit Levels: Aid in leveling the camera relative to the horizon, crucial for straight, well-composed shots.
  • ARCA-Compatible Mounting: Features ARCA-compatible dovetail profiles for easy integration with tripods and quick release units.
  • Secure Anti-Twist System: Equipped with holes for video pins and cutouts for safety pins to prevent twisting and accidental detachment.
  • Comprehensive KOPF2-PRO Kit: Includes the modular geared head, a Q=MOUNT, a PANORAMA=Q II panning base, and two fine adjustment handles for a complete professional setup.


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The Novoflex KOPF2-PRO Modular Geared Head is a state-of-the-art solution designed to meet the exacting demands of professional photographers and videographers. This compact, high-precision, three-way geared head enables independent and precise adjustment of all three axes, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of specialized photography genres including architectural, studio, macro, reprography, and astrophotography.

Unparalleled Precision and Stability: At the heart of the KOPF2-PRO’s design is its ability to facilitate rough adjustments via clamping levers, followed by fine-tuning using adjusting screws. This feature ensures that users can achieve exact positioning with ease. The self-locking fine drive comes into play when the clamping lever is closed, safeguarding against any unintended movement or slippage of heavy camera setups, thus providing unmatched stability and security.

Enhanced Fine Adjustment Capability: The KOPF2-PRO stands out with its inclusion of two CAST-FINE-K fine adjustment handles, expanding the precision of angular movements beyond standard capabilities. These handles are designed to increase the diameter of the fine adjustment screws, allowing for minute, precise adjustments that are essential for capturing detailed and intricate shots.

Reliable Angle Reproduction: Equipped with adjustable angle scales on the longitudinal and transverse axis joints, the KOPF2-PRO enables photographers to accurately reproduce specific angular positions or set defined angular distances. This feature is invaluable for projects requiring consistent angle replication across different shooting sessions.

Integrated Spirit Levels: The built-in spirit levels aid in ensuring that the camera is perfectly leveled to the horizon, a critical aspect for achieving straight and well-composed shots, particularly in architectural and landscape photography.

ARCA-Compatible Dovetail Profile: Both the upper and lower mounting brackets of the KOPF2-PRO feature an ARCA-compatible dovetail profile, facilitating seamless integration with a broad spectrum of quick release units and tripod systems. This compatibility enhances the versatility of the geared head, making it a valuable addition to any professional’s toolkit.

Secure Mounting System: The inclusion of holes for video pins and cutouts for safety pins on the mounting brackets ensures that accessories mounted with a 1/4″ screw are prevented from twisting. Additionally, when used with a Novoflex Q-System quick release, the safety pins prevent accidental detachment of the clamping plate, further enhancing the system’s security and reliability.

KOPF2-PRO Kit Components: The Pro kit not only includes the KOPF2 modular geared head but also comes with a Q=MOUNT for secure attachment, a PANORAMA=Q II for smooth panoramic shots, and two CAST-FINE-K fine adjustment handles for ultra-precise control.

The Novoflex KOPF2-PRO Modular Geared Head represents the pinnacle of engineering excellence in photography equipment. With its robust construction, unparalleled precision, and comprehensive features, it is designed to elevate the photographic process, enabling professionals to capture their vision with absolute accuracy and reliability. Whether you’re shooting detailed macro work, expansive architectural scenes, or the night sky’s celestial wonders, the KOPF2-PRO offers the control and flexibility required to achieve perfection in every shot.

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Metal with anodised finish

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5 kg / 11 lb


145 x 167 x 130 mm


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Novoflex KOPF2-PRO – Modular Geared Head
$2,949.00 inc. GST