If you are looking for perfect tools whose functionality and design motivate and encourage you to take on any photographic challenge, then they’re probably tools made by NOVOFLEX – distributed exclusively by Pixel One in Australia.

The blue “N” of the company’s logo has become an unmistakable brand name for premium photographic accessories. NOVOFLEX stands for precision, functionality, reliability and robustness. And we are known for product designs that are both ergonomic and aesthetic. All these qualities are the expression of the art of our the NOVOFLEX team of passionate design engineers.

One basic idea behind all the product developments at NOVOFLEX is to eliminate the restrictions imposed by camera systems, and to make it easier for their users to access the extended world of photography. The idea is to create a cross-brand system that allows the individual components of all the different systems to be combined.

Sustained by the concept of complete solutions, these products are not isolated products but modules that can be combined to accomplish the most complex of photographic tasks. NOVOFLEX products are more than just useful tools that make it easier for photographers to realize their creative ideas. They are the expression of the concept of a sustainable system that sees an accessory required for photographic solutions not as an isolated item but rather as a part of an interrelated group of modules.


NOVOFLEX produces German engineered and manufactured products with only the highest quality materials. NOVOFLEX has one of the most comprehensive ranges of high-precision lens adapters, heads, tripods, clamps to fit practically every camera and interchangeable lens system.

NOVOFLEX products are high-precision components to connect cameras, lens combinations and other accessories used in different systems. In the case of lens adaptors, NOVOFLEX products bring together parts that were originally not meant for one another. They increase the lifespan of your gear, thus making it easier to upgrade from one camera generation to the next or to change to a different camera system.

NOVOFLEX products offer photographers greater flexibility in their choice of lenses and allow the use of the latest lenses, cameras, and other accessories that have long disappeared off the market. NOVOFLEX increases freedom of choice and increase creative possibilities by eliminating existing compatibility restrictions.


Product development for the entire NOVOFLEX ecosystem has also meant coming up with ideas for tools with functionalities that just are not available anywhere else. With the Quadropod, NOVOFLEX was the first to design a four-legged camera support system and a basic unit from which the legs could not only be removed but also be used multi-functionally – for example as a monopod or trekking pole.

Even the latest innovative products – such as the tripod platform for the TrioPod tripod system and the MagicBall FREE – enhance creative photography and are examples of premium accessories that go beyond existing boundaries and open up new worlds for photos. These are new solutions conceived thanks to the NOVOFLEX teams’ love of photography and an unswerving sense of purpose.


Not only do NOVOFLEX tripods, ball heads, lens adaptors, bellows, camera clamps and other accessories offer flexible functionality for reliable use even in the most inhospitable environment, it is also their surface structure, the high-quality feel of the clamps and knurled screws, their practical placement, the precise and easy-to-read scales that all contribute to a sense of reliability when handling complex setups.

NOVOFLEX products give photographers the feeling that they are handling reliable and premium quality photography tools that just radiate a certainty that their use will lead to success.


Supports for cameras are becoming more and more important for creative photography due to the many innovative new functions of modern cameras – for example, long exposures, timelapse or multi-shot techniques. The demands for stability, robustness and vibration-free action have increased.

The quest for ever more impressive photos taken at sites that are inhospitable, difficult or even dangerous to access have made features such as portability, reliability and fast simple, and reliable handling become indispensable features.

Local Support

With a team based in Thornleigh NSW, and with a large distribution reach through many local camera stores, photographers, resellers and other retailers we are able to support customers from within Australia with product knowledge and training, long term customer support, warranties and country wide shipping of NOVOFLEX products.

Our team have many combined years of experience as photographers, videographers, content developers, retail and wholesale camera industry. We know and understand the needs of the constantly evolving photography industry and are always available to support our customer base.


The team at NOVOFLEX – Pixel One is extremely passionate about the photography industry and supporting the greater photography community. We aim to reach as many people as possible through workshops and other educational events, live streaming webinars on our Youtube and other social media channels.

We support many community groups, photographers, and events through partnerships and sponsorships at the grassroots level all the way through to the most hardcore enthusiasts and professionals. Our team aims to be present at as many trade shows and industry events as possible and work with many large retailers to support educational programs hosted by some of the best photographers in their given niche markets.

We hope to see what you create with NOVOFLEX products on social media. Give us a follow on any of the channels below and share your work using #novoflexau to be part of our online communities.

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