Novoflex ZEBRA XL Extra Large Zebra Card (Gray/White, 21 × 30 cm)

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  • Dual-sided design: Gray for exposure metering, white for accurate white balance
  • Optimal exposure measurement for perfectly balanced shots
  • Impeccable white balance for true-to-life color representation
  • Crafted from durable special polymer for long-lasting use
  • Anti-reflection coating on both sides enhances performance
  • User-friendly design ensures ease of handling for all skill levels
  • Versatile compatibility with film and digital photography
  • A reliable tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike

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Capture Perfect Shots with Novoflex ZEBRA XL Extra Large Zebra Card

Achieve Precise Exposure and White Balance

The Novoflex ZEBRA XL Extra Large Zebra Card (Gray/White, 21 × 30 cm) is your ultimate tool for capturing stunning photographs with precise exposure and impeccable white balance. This innovative card features a dual-sided design that enhances your photography by offering both a gray reference area for exposure metering and a white side for ensuring accurate white balance.

Key Features that Elevate Your Photography

Optimal Exposure Measurement

With its gray reference side, this zebra card becomes an invaluable asset in achieving optimal exposure in every shot. Your camera takes a light reading of the gray side, allowing it to calculate the perfect exposure settings. This results in well-balanced images that showcase the true beauty of your subjects, regardless of the lighting conditions.

Perfect White Balance

The white side of the Novoflex ZEBRA XL card is where the magic of impeccable white balance happens. Digital photography demands accurate color representation, and this card delivers. By using the white side for reference, you ensure that your camera sets the appropriate white balance, eliminating unwanted color casts and providing a true-to-life portrayal of your scenes.

Crafted for Excellence

Advanced Materials

This zebra card is crafted from a special polymer that guarantees durability and reliability. It’s a tool designed to withstand the demands of professional photographers and enthusiasts alike. No need to worry about wear and tear – this card will be your faithful companion on countless photographic journeys.

Anti-Reflection Coating

Both sides of the card feature an anti-reflection coating that enhances its performance. The white side remains pristine and pure, reflecting light accurately for perfect white balance. On the other hand, the gray side minimizes reflections, ensuring precise exposure readings in various lighting situations.

User-Friendly Design

Handling the Novoflex ZEBRA XL card is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly design. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting on your photography journey, this card’s ease of use ensures you can focus on what truly matters – capturing breathtaking images.

Versatile Shooting Companion

Whether you’re shooting on film or digitally, the Novoflex ZEBRA XL Extra Large Zebra Card proves its versatility. Its compatibility with both formats ensures that your creative process remains unhindered, and your results are consistently exceptional.


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Novoflex ZEBRA XL Extra Large Zebra Card (Gray/White, 21 × 30 cm) Accessories | NOVOFLEX Australia |
Novoflex ZEBRA XL Extra Large Zebra Card (Gray/White, 21 × 30 cm)
Original price was: $32.00.Current price is: $27.20. inc. GST